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To pursue my career as a dermatologist especially specialized in esthetical and cosmetic dermatology and devote my time and skills to one of the most prestigious clinics in Istanbul
*Vast experience in assessing and treating a wide variety of skin conditions and diseases ( such as hair and scalp related diseases, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis)
*Outstanding diagnostic skills and ability to deliver effective treatment for timely and full recoveries
*Comprehensive training in performing skin surgeries and esthetical, cosmetic procedures
*Extensive knowledge on the latest and best practices in hair transplantation with FUE and skin care procedures
*Extensive knowledge on cosmetology and effects of cosmetics in skin and cosmetical counselling including advantages of cosmetic use and side effects
*Lecturer in Cosmetic Dermatology Symposiums on topics anti-aging treatments of skin concerning Ozone treatment
*Certificated trainer for skin fillers ; HA fillers versus new age dermal fiillers such as Radiesse.

Certified Dermatologist , 1995 to Present

Specialized in:
*Scalp and hair related diseases evaluation and treatment
*FUE hair transplantation
*Successful Botox treatments including total face, neck, decolette and hyperhidrosis
*Performed over a thousand of Dermal Filler treatments including total face , neck and hands
*Facial rejuvenation treatments including Chemical Peels, PRP( Platelet Rich Plasma), IPL , Mesolift, Mesoglow and Mesobotox
*Laser skin surgery for acne , hyperpigmentations and aging skin
*Laser hair removal
*Successful Lipodystrophy ( Cellulite ) Treatment including Subcision and Mesotherapy


Medical Faculty, Gazi University, Ankara

Medical Faculty, Hacettepe University, Ankara


Salih Mollaosmanoglu

Geburtsdatum: 29/10/1950 in Van / Türkei

Gebiet: Aesthetische und Plastische Chirurgie

Sprachen: Englisch

Ausbildung: 1969-1976 Ege Universitaet Medizinische Fakultaet / Izmir / Türkei

1963-1976 Karsiyaka Oberschule



* 1980-1981 Kütahya Sozial Krankenhaus / Türkei

* 1981 – 1985 Fachkenntnisse

* 1985 – 1987 Birmingham Wordslay Krankenhaus, Quin Victory Krankenhaus  Oxford Radclife  inf. Krankenhaus

* 1986 – 1989 İzmir Atatürk Lehre und Forschung Krankenhaus – Teamleiter

*1989 – 2004 İzmir Atatürk Lehre und Forschung Krankenhaus – Teamleiter

Mit dem chirurg Dr. Zocci erste mal erfahrungen 2004-2007 Smryna, Aesthetische , Plastische und Laser Zentrum ( Die erste Aesthetische und Plastische Chirurgie zentrum in Izmir

*2004 – 2007 Lycian Laser Zentrum (Die erste Laser Zentrum in İzmir/Turkei)

*2002 – 2007 Sofya / Bulgaristan – Private Buro

*2008 – 2010 İstanbul Çevre Privates Krankenhaus – Plastische Chirurgie

* West Midlands Brimingham Krankenhaus – Plastische und Rekonstruktive Chirurgie

* Köln – Dr.Serdar Eren Klinisch / Deutschland

* Lumberg Laser Zentrum / Deutschland

* Kolon Klinik Haupt Koordinatör

* Apex Krankenhaus